This is the best and most original game site since wordle. There are many to choose from and you can read about their benefits at the bottom of the page

This isn't just word games. It's all sorts of games that get your brain working. Suitable for most age groups so there is a challenge for everyone. Personally, I play most days. My favourite is colour match. My kids love this one too and I event had to make a version just for my son that he can play multiple times per day. I read a story about a developer that was working with RGB values so often that he could identify most colours' / colors' RGB values correctly just from site alone. I think I'm some way off being able to do that but you never know - some day soon maybe!

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color match

match background color

rgb color game

wordle color game
codle - decode wordle

The best way to train your brain!

Play often and see your scores improve. Don't forget to share with your friends and family

It's been a year since I started work on my original nerdle game. I hope people are enjoying them and that we can keep the site going. Please ise th elink to "buy me a coffee" if you want to show your appreciatetion. It means a lot!

Daily word game with challenge mode
Increase your reaction speed daily
colour match
Colour Match
Just how good is your eyesight?
Decode a 5 letter word from shades of blue
Decode 5 letter words from a random offset
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